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A license valid throughout Europe

Upon completion of our accredited course, you'll have the opportunity to obtain an international-level license, enabling you to conduct business and serving as a key aspect for employment within the European Union.

An integral part of the tattoo industry involves professionals providing quality tattooing, piercing, and permanent makeup services. Tattooing as a professional field is gaining popularity and recognition, becoming increasingly sought after. Upon completion of our courses, you can receive a diploma of professional qualification and a license (Accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic).

These documents will validate your professional skills, knowledge, and experience acquired during the learning process.

The license has been approved by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, guaranteeing its official recognition and compliance with international quality standards. Moreover, it holds validity at an international level, offering extensive employment prospects within European Union countries.

In the tattoo industry, the demand for certified professionals is increasing yearly. In countries like the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, and many others within the EU, possessing a license is mandatory for employment as a tattoo artist.

Credibility and Confidence: The diploma confirms your competency and professionalism, while the license allows you to officially work in European countries, elevating your status and ensuring trust among clients and employers.

Wide-ranging Employment Opportunities: With the license recognized across all EU countries, you have the potential to work in various tattoo studios throughout the European Union.

The license is a prestigious document that unveils opportunities for a successful career and growth, ensuring employer trust and aiding your progression and development in this unique art field.

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