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The process of employment is a crucial step in every individual's life that can significantly impact their career development and life as a whole. Particularly enticing and exciting can be the opportunity to find work in Europe, where boundless possibilities for education, professional growth, and cultural enrichment unfold.

Thanks to our partners Art Ink Corporation, we guarantee employment throughout Europe for the most dedicated graduates of our Academy! You can pay for tuition in installments.


Skills and Potential Assessment

We pay special attention to evaluating the skills, talent, and ambitions of each student. This helps us understand the direction in which each individual can develop and achieve the best results.

Development of an Individual Plan

Our students are supported by a team of professionals who develop an individual career development plan for each person. This plan considers the student's personal desires, goals, and the opportunities available in the job market.

Interview Preparation and Resume Building

We provide support in preparing students for interviews with potential employers and assist in creating a professional resume that reflects their skills, achievements, and potential.

Connections with Employers

We have vital connections with leading tattoo studios in Europe, enabling us to recommend our students to employers who value quality and professionalism

Mentorship and Support

Our support doesn't end after employment. We offer mentorship and continuous support to our graduates throughout their careers, helping them grow and thrive in their chosen field.


Collaborating with leading tattoo studios across Europe, we provide students access to the best opportunities for career advancement. Our team has established relationships with influential employers who value professionalism, talent, and dedication to their craft.

By working with our academy, you not only gain skills and knowledge but also the opportunity to realize your potential in the best tattoo studios in Europe. We take pride in assisting our students in achieving their dreams and building successful careers in the exciting and creative realm of tattoo art.

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