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Тату дівчина


Our students quickly master the latest tattoo techniques, think independently, and make the right decisions, which often results in professionally executed first tattoos on models. We will teach you how to work, ensuring not only the perfect end result but also excellent healing and long-lasting appearance of the tattoo.



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Хлопець з тату на стулі


Our tattoo school offers a unique combination of in-depth knowledge of proper equipment, accessories, and even cosmetics usage. We provide students with the opportunity to understand each stage of the tattoo application process and develop the ability to evaluate each "canvas." The result of such an approach is a high-level start that often surpasses the skills and experience of even professionals already working in the field. We invite you to see it for yourself by browsing the photos on our page, showcasing the work of participants in our training programs. You can compare their results with the work of participants from other courses.


We are incredibly delighted to witness our students experiencing progress in their development during their training. It brings us great satisfaction as we see our passion for tattooing manifesting in the real achievements of others. We have witnessed how the training programs, into which we pour our knowledge, experience, and heart, help our students fulfill their dreams, achieve their life plans, and work in their dream profession. Our goal is to share these emotions and the results of our collective work, which is why we actively showcase tattoos created during the training on our social media platforms. We encourage you to view, comment, share your thoughts, and find inspiration. That is the essence of our work. And, by the way, if you add our profiles to your list of followers, we would be extremely grateful.

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